Industrial Machine Learning Professionals

We specialize in end-to-end machine learning solutions. Our team has built machine learning products and algorithms for some of the top companies and start-ups alike. With over 10 years of industrial-grade machine learning experience, we know how to build a full-scale machine learning system from the ground up. Our partners have exclusive access to some of the best machine learning experts specializing in everything from revenue optimization to NLP and image processing.

Exclusive Access to State-of-the-Art ML Tools

Companies that partner with Just Another Brain gain exclusive access to our portfolio of machine learning systems including advanced anomaly and trend detection, ad optimization, and content-based search and recommendations.

Our machine learning stack is unique because we use proprietary methods to quantify model and algorithm risk, which is guaranteed to give our partners a quantitative edge over competitors.

Emphasis on Monetization

Our engineers and researchers have designed lucrative machine learning products that, combined, generate over $300 million per year for various companies.